What We Do.

Effective excellence. It may be the prettiest thing/design you’ve ever seen, but if it doesn’t work and accomplish the results you need, you just wasted your money. With years of experience by our team at James Henry , we guide you to media and strategies that work and realize ROI.

Here are some of the things we’re good at:

  • Branding
  • Web design, with back-end database integration
  • New Media strategies – training and implementation
  • Creative/Graphic design
  • Media placement
  • Video production
  • Public relations
  • Writing

Growing Your Ideas

Whether it’s a garden, a business or a group, growth is the single most important element for the end result we desire. But how do we achieve it? An organization, like a garden has many pitfalls that consume our message, momentum and motivation. As nature clearly shows, there is a system to growth. Vegetation needs good soil, refreshing water and life-giving sunshine to grow and flourish. Likewise a business needs a strong foundation to branch out and provide stability, fluid ideas which prevent the dryness which surely comes with a product’s longevity and an overall message guiding and giving an upward climb to success. It’s simple. Just like nature, TRG has a system to grow your ideas.

Web Solutions

So you have a website. But do you have a foundation on which every dollar of your future can stand? Essentially you now have an opportunity through your website to have your most efficient, knowledgeable and reliable staff member ever at work twenty-four hours a day. Your ideas are never closed! As technology continues to progress, your website is the window in which most of your target demographics will be introduced to your products/services and ultimately decide whether they will choose you. However the foundation of your organization isn’t built on aesthetics and information alone. You need a strategic online marketing plan including social media, media integration, banner advertising and email marketing to optimize your brand in the largest and most assessable marketplace in the world. TRG can not only build and protect your online foundation but also thrust your brand and products into your customers markets.

Mass Media

Have you ever thought that if you could just break through to that larger demographic you would see the results you desired? That is easier said than done and even if you succeed in reaching that larger market, like most things you will only have one shot at getting your message out. A wrong decision can erase all the hard work and progress you’ve made. TRG can design print, TV and radio and billboard campaigns that spotlight your brand and highlight your service/product’s value in fresh and innovating ways. We specialize in a delicate balance of reminding your core customer base why they love you and pursuing your competitor’s base aggressively. Our desire is to produce high quality production and well-arranged arguments that can pierce brand loyalty.

Message/Public Relations

It’s not what you say; it’s what they hear. You know your products/services better than anyone else but how do you put that into words that will be clear, attractive and build value to your customers? TRG has a staff of experience communication professionals who design and implement complex business messages for their clients, while simplifying and unifying those messages for their customer base. Developing your overall message can unite your company under one flag and leave your customer not only with brand loyalty but a clear reason why they choose to do business with you. Every industry leader has one thing in common. They have developed and implemented a clear and strategic message that impacts every customer, every time.